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Hello world! I'm Kevin, a passionate front-end developer building responsive web applications with modern technologies. I am always keeping up with the newest best-practice guidelines, languages, and frameworks. I am a former registered nurse. Colleagues from my previous workplace describe me as someone who is team-oriented, efficient, and communicates well within a team. Outside of work, I am a professional concert photographer; with interests in automotive and travel cinematography.

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Project Showcase

concert photographer website snapshot

Midnite Tones Concert Photographer Website

Photography website for Toronto photographer, midnite tones. Website is created in react.js with routing and libraries. Project is currently in revision and serves only as a demo for the time being.

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movie recommendation randomizer

Quick Flick Picker Movie Tool

The Quick Flick Picker allows you to search for a movie, make custom lists, and filters through your list by genre and duration to return a random movie suggestion for you! Created using firebase to store lists, Movie database API to search user input, and javascript for randomizer logic and error handling.

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Cryptocurrency market tracker website snapshot

Cryptocurrency Market Tracker

A cryptocurrency market tracker built using the Coingecko API. View the top 100 coins with the search functionality or cycle between the top 10 coins in real time through the carousel. View current prices, highest/lowest, 24hr changes and more!

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Creative PDF conversion project snapshot

"Creative" PDF Conversion

A fully responsive and accessible website featuring a multi-page layout, the use of skip links for accessibility, drop-down menus, and grid-layouts. The goal of this project is to mimic real-life work environments where the design elements are provided to you.

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